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    Non Travel

    Updates from Annie

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted consistently on TravelShus. Though I’ve enjoyed my break from the internets, I miss writing, I miss sharing travel and lifestyle stories, and I miss my blogging…

  • Cafes in afternoon light | Seville, Spain

    Travel Repeat: Spain

    Spain was the first country I traveled to without my parents. While I had spent time in Europe before, the safety net of my mom and dad and brother made the travel experience…

  • Storefront of Anokhi | Fort Cochin, India

    Shop Here: Anokhi in Fort Kochi

    I’m a sucker for scarves. My collection of scarves is one of my most favorite things I own in this world. Despite my lack of stellar New York City style (or any…

  • Hibiscus on our porch in the backwaters | Kerala, India

    Photo Essay: Kerala, India

    Happy New Year everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet as of late. Between a hectic travel schedule in the early fall and some adjustments in my life throughout the rest of…

  • Wagon | Fort Kochi, India

    First Impressions of Kerala, India

    Hi all. I’m back from a short digital vacation! Sometimes my brain and fingers and eyeballs need a break from my laptop screen and require some time to reset. After three weeks…

  • ART sign at the Frenchmen Art Market | New Orleans, Louisiana

    The Frenchmen Art Market

    As you know, I love a good market. Farmer’s markets are hands down my favorite with so many colors and smells and mysteries, but art markets are a close second. While I…

  • St Charles Ave street car arriving | New Orleans, Louisiana

    My Favorite Places in New Orleans

    New Orleans holds a special place in my heart. Since my first trip to the city in 2004, it’s been a place of great memories, music, and moments.  I’ve visited for work,…

  • Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock | New York City
    New York

    Essential New York: Top of the Rock

    Getting a bird’s eye view of Manhattan is something every New Yorker and NYC visitor must do at some point. Touristy? You bet. Still Awesome? Definitely. The immense skyscrapers and shining lights that…

  • Bodie contemplating swimming | Lake Cayuga, New York
    Dogs, New York

    Teaching a Fearful Dog to Swim

    Our rescue pup Cambodia is not a fan of swimming. Merely the suggestion of submerging her in water sends her running in the opposite direction, ears back, desperately seeking a hiding spot.…