A Sanibel Island Sunrise

If you only do one thing on Sanibel Island, make a point of seeing either the sunrise or the sunset. Everyday. If you stay on the north/west side of the island or up on Captiva (the island to the north, connected via roadway), the sunset is king. On the southern side, it’s all about the sunrise.

On my recent trip to Sanibel, I’d snap up out of bed every morning at 7am and drag Matt and my camera down to the beach. We’d walk along the water and listen to the hum of the waves as the colors morphed across the sky. It’s sort of a social scene down there because it’s such a perfect place to watch the sky. People running, people slowly waking up with a cup of coffee, dogs on their morning walk. Though it pretty darn early to be getting up on a relaxing trip to the beach, it was the best part of each day.

Purple palm tree silhouette | Sanibel Island, FloridaPink and yellow sunrise | Sanibel Island, FloridaNeon pink sunrise | Sanibel Island, FloridaOrange sunrise on the beach | Sanibel Island, FloridaSun rises over Fort Myers | Sanibel Island, Florida

While the colors in the sky look like an impossible watercolor, I love the reflection of the light in the waves and on the wet sand as the surf pulls back. A smooth glass-like sparkle in the morning light.

Sun rising | Sanibel Island, FloridaBird breakfast on the beach | Sanibel Island, Florida

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  • Jesse Fern
    February 18, 2018 at 7:50 am

    We love San Ybel, yes named after Saint Ybel… we love our hammock under the 15 sisters.. our yard floods every year and the creatures come in to find new feeding opportunities… we watch them with a glass of wine at hand… we get cozy afterwards


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