Vik is the Coolest Town in Iceland

Vik is the coolest little town in Iceland. There’s not much to it, but I think that’s why I loved it so much.

It sits on the southern tip of the island, wedged between mountains, cliffs, and a ribbon of the softest fine black sand I’ve ever seen. It’s teeny tiny – there are only a few restaurants, a couple hotels, some shops, and a chapel/cemetery up on a hill with a stunning view of town and the surrounding landscape. Vik’s diminutive size and stunning location are really what makes it so special. It’s the cutest little place to stop for lunch on a road trip around the island.

*And if you stop for lunch, definitely go to Halldorskaffi Cafe. It’s on the edge of town and serves delicious soups and pizzas. Also, there’s an Icewear shop a few steps from the beach – it’s a great place to pick up some winter gear made from Iceland’s famous wool.

Reynisdrangar in the distance | Vik, IcelandVik black sand beach | IcelandBlack sand | Vik, IcelandMisty cliffs | Vik, IcelandMountains and quiet roads | Vik, IcelandColorful house | Vik, Iceland

Cliffs in town | Vik, Iceland

This grey building is Haldorskaffi Cafe, by the way.

Rusted metal | Vik, IcelandChurch in the mist | Vik, IcelandOverlooking Vik | Iceland

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  • Andrew
    January 7, 2018 at 9:45 am

    Oh wow look at that picture it’s absolutely stunning I’d like to visit Vik!


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