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Zurich West is Cool Zurich

Zurich West is the place to be in Zurich – it used to be the industrial district and is currently transitioning into the cool new gentrified millenial hotspot in the city. This is the story with past industrial areas in most cities these days, but as I wasn’t expecting to see anything like this neighborhood in such a historic and traditional city, it felt different. Unexpected yes, but a little more fresh than just “another version of Williamsburg” or something.

Zurich West underpass | Switzerland
Zurich West underpass graffiti | Switzerland
Zurich West Technopark | Switzerland
Viadukt graffiti | Zurich West, Switzerland
Zurich West: Viaduktstrasse | Switzerland
Shops along the Viadukt | Zurich West, Switzerland
Markthalle patio at the Viadukt | Zurich West, Switzerland
Hang outs at Frau Gerolds Garten | Zurich West, Switzerland
St Croix beer at the Viadukt | Zurich West, Switzerland
Pink stucco on Gewerbeschule | Zurich, Switzerland
Restaurant on Gewerbeschule | Zurich West, Switzerland
Apartment building graffiti in Gewerbeschule | Zurich, Switzerland
Graffiti at the Viadukt | Zurich, Switzerland

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