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Photo Inspiration: Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

Puerto de Mogan. This charming little town, hidden between two intimidating craggy cliffs on the southwestern coast of Gran Canaria, charmed the pants off me. There is bougainvillea for DAYS. Sailboats atop clear aquamarine Atlantic waters. A golden sand beach with gentle waves just perfect for my almost-one-year-old son to explore. There are SUP boards for rent right on the beach. And ICE CREAM.

Sure, there were more tourists there than I would have liked. Enough to be problematic for the future of a place this small and unique, in my opinion. (especially since my visit was in the island’s less popular off season, per usual.) However, the beauty and charm of Puerto de Mogan is so strong that none of that matters. It was worth every ounce of effort to get there. It’s definitely on my short list of things not to miss in the Canary Islands.

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