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  • Golden sign in Chinese characters at Wuhou Temple | Chengdu, China

    Travel Flashback: Wuhou Temple, China

    Visiting Chengdu, China was a highlight from my Round the World trip. (This is The Trip) Yes, I am somewhat panda-obsessed and yes, Chengdu is the home of the Chengdu Research Base…

  • Hundreds of buddhas at Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

    The Temples of Thailand

    Not too dissimilar to my love affair with the Temples of Bali, I developed a love affair with the exotic beauty of Thai temples. The intricacy of the tiling and color coordination,…

  • Firiplaka Beach - Milos, Greece

    A Tour of Milos Island

    Though there are hundreds of Greek Islands, most people know of only a handful and have only visited a few of these. Islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, and Ios have become…

  • Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo

    Taking It Slow in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the kind of city that makes you want to sit down at a small, dark cafe and take hours to drink a tiny cup of cafe-con-leche. I’ve been in…

  • Sabronomico in Valparaiso

    A Walk Around Valparaiso

    Draped over steep hills and cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso is a city of uniqueness. Not only in geography but also in style.  Walls are dressed up in local artwork, and…

  • Northern view from The Peak | Hong Kong
    China, Hong Kong

    Highlights of Hong Kong

    With several weeks to spend in Hong Kong, the possibilities are endless. Not only is Hong Kong an archipelago of islands of all different personalities, but the city centers are brimming with…

  • Fish market at nighttime in Hong Kong
    China, Hong Kong

    Exploring Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a true international city. It is on the forefront of technology and business yet is also true to its traditional Chinese heritage. There are large groups of expats, Hong…

  • Kangaroo Island Sunset

    Kangaroo Island – Visiting Seal Bay

    Kangaroo Island sits off the coast of South Australia, only a short ferry ride from the busy streets of Adelaide. However, on the island, a different lifestyle exists. The rugged terrain is…

  • Bedugul Temple Bali

    The Temples of Bali

    One of the things that struck me the most about Bali was the exotic and unique architecture of the Hindu temples that exist all over the island. Even in the middle of…

  • Mykonos Town at Sunset
    General Travel

    3 Epic Journeys Across the Globe

    One inherent, yet completely unglamorous part of long term travel is the multi-day, multi-continent epic journey. Typically, they involve several forms of transportation, jetlag, bad food, lack of comfortable seating/beds, and can…

  • Ramayana Dancer

    Notable Photos: The Ramayana Ballet

    In Bali, we had the opportunity to see a performance of the classic Indonesian dance, The Ramayana Ballet. This story has been one of the most famous love stories in Indonesia for…

  • Thessaloniki Open Spaces, Greece

    A Walk Around Thessaloniki

    Thessaloniki was our first mainland destination in Greece. After spending a few weeks in the Cyclades and on Crete, we were looking for a mainland Greece experience off the tourist pathway to…

  • boudhanath grounds

    A Walk Around Kathmandu

    As we get closer to the warmer weather, I feel a natural pull to spend more time walking around Brooklyn on the weekends. The trees are just starting to turn green, the…

  • vineyards and mountains in central otago
    Food, New Zealand, Wine

    Wine Tour: New Zealand

    Aside from New Zealand being a dream travel destination for me, it was also a dream wine destination for me, a fairly serious wino. New Zealand has produced some of the world’s…

  • Soup Dumplings in Hong Kong
    Asia, Food, Hong Kong, Macau

    Eating Through China

    China, depending on whether you are talking about the Mainland or the special economic zones, was an  interesting culinary destination for us. We knew before even getting there that regardless of what…

  • Sunset on Nusa Lembongan | Bali

    Discovering Nusa Lembongan

    Only a boat ride away from the beaches of Bali, there exists a place where tourism has not yet spoiled the calmness. There is no pier for large boats to dock,  limiting…

  • Food, Greece

    Eating Through Greece

    Greek cuisine has a little something for everyone. There’s plenty of vegetables, plenty of meats, plenty of dairy, and plenty of seafood. Depending on what you like to eat, you’ll find dishes…

  • Argentina, Food, Wine

    Wine Tour: Argentina

    Some people don’t know that I went to “wine school.” I put that in quotes as it was really hard sometimes to fully think of it as school. Yes there were final…

  • Classic view of Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay | Australia

    Twenty Two Days of Australia

    Australia was supposed to be a focal point on our trip. Not only is travel there easy in terms of language and infrastructure, but Matt would be able to eat almost anything.…

  • Close up of a veggie samosa | Pokhara, Nepal
    Food, Nepal

    Eating Through Nepal

    Nepal was a really great food destination for us. Not only is the local food pretty much all food-allergy-friendly, but there were many dishes to choose from. Regardless of where we were…

  • road on koh jam island thailand

    An Alternate View of the Thai Islands.

    Looking back on the five weeks we spent in Thailand, it seems like we visited two separate countries.  The northern part of Thailand is rich with with mountainous terrain, jungles, cool weather,…

  • Olive market | Athens Greece

    Renting an Apartment in Athens

    It’s pretty awesome when you can wake up in the morning, make some eggs in the kitchen, drink your coffee while watching CNN International, and say “What should we do today, maybe…

  • Annie with a panda on the lap at the panda reserve in Chengdu China

    Mainland China and The Second Best Day Ever

    It’s not often that chances come up for us to live out lofty dreams, especially when they involve flying halfway around the world. When those opportunities actually do come up, you have…