• Spain

    The Alcazar of Seville

    You know what I’m a sucker for? If you said scarves and toast you’d be right, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. When it comes to architecture and historic places,…

  • Inside Taberna Almendro 13 | La Latina, Madrid, Spain

    Scenes from La Latina, Madrid

    Far away from the stately buildings that line Madrid’s Gran Via are the gritty slinky side streets of La Latina. Hidden from the wide open spaces of Plaza Mayor are the dark…

  • Pimientos de Padron at Mercado San Miguel | Madrid, Spain
    Markets, Spain

    Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel

    It’s only fitting that my first real post about my trip to Spain is a post about my favorite place to go when I’m in a new destination: the market. The smells, the…

  • Cafes in afternoon light | Seville, Spain

    Travel Repeat: Spain

    Spain was the first country I traveled to without my parents. While I had spent time in Europe before, the safety net of my mom and dad and brother made the travel experience…

  • Sunset at the Chinese fishing nets | Fort Cochin, India

    Photo Essay: Kerala, India

      It’s been a decent amount of time since my short trip to Kerala, India, yet I remember each moment, each sweat bead, each flavor, and each sound so vividly. I could…

  • Wagon | Fort Kochi, India

    First Impressions of Kerala, India

    I’ve always wanted to travel to India, but I’ve been a little fearful of its intensity. I’ve had a love affair with Indian fabrics and the bright vivid colors, but inside I’ve…

  • ART sign at the Frenchmen Art Market | New Orleans, Louisiana

    The Frenchmen Art Market

    As you know, I love a good market. Farmer’s markets are hands down my favorite with so many colors and smells and mysteries, but art markets are a close second. While I…

  • St Charles Ave street car arriving | New Orleans, Louisiana

    My Favorite Places in New Orleans

    New Orleans holds a special place in my heart. Since my first trip to the city in 2004, it’s been a place of great memories, music, and moments.  I’ve visited for work,…

  • Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock | New York City
    New York

    Essential New York: Top of the Rock

    Getting a bird’s eye view of Manhattan is something every New Yorker and NYC visitor must do at some point. Touristy? You bet. Still Awesome? Definitely. The immense skyscrapers and shining lights that…

  • Bodie contemplating swimming | Lake Cayuga, New York
    Dogs, New York

    Teaching a Fearful Dog to Swim

    Our rescue pup Cambodia is not a fan of swimming. Merely the suggestion of submerging her in water sends her running in the opposite direction, ears back, desperately seeking a hiding spot.…

  • Prayer wheels at Gangaramaya Temple | Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    Scenes from Gangaramaya Temple

    We only had four hours to explore Colombo. This is not nearly enough time to get the feel for the city, explore the cultural quirks, or find a corner I could call…

  • Beautiful light at Aya Sofya | Istanbul, Turkey

    My Favorite Places in Istanbul

    Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world. Its unique east-meets-west culture is fascinating and its food is hauntingly delicious. But beyond the things that make Istanbul stand out are…

  • Golden Temple Buddha with rain clouds | Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka’s Golden Temple

    Tucked away on the side of a mountain in central Sri Lanka, there are five caves filled to the brim with Buddhist shrines. These caves have been here since prehistoric times, but…

  • Nalgene in the Himalayas | Nepal
    General Travel

    An Ode to My SteriPEN

    One of the most important, helpful, and impactful items I carry with me when I travel is a SteriPEN. In general, I am not a fan of buying travel gadgets or gear.…

  • Mom and baby at Minneriya National Park | Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    The Gathering of the Elephants

    Experiencing Sri Lanka’s great elephant migration called “The Gathering” was hands down one of the coolest wildlife experiences I have ever had. While I am a big animal lover, I don’t often…

  • Haze | Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    Climbing the Lion Rock

    One of the most unique landmarks in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya, the Lion Rock. Most of the time when you imagine the site of an ancient city, you think of grand entrances,…

  • Sri Lanka

    First Impressions of Sri Lanka

    The heat is what I remember most about arriving in Sri Lanka. Once the doors slid open at the international airport just outside Colombo, the heat and humidity slammed into me like…