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  • Pears and mandarin oranges | Bastille Market | Paris, France

    Market Heaven in Paris: Marche Bastille

    There’s nothing better than visiting a farmer’s market in the heart of one of the world’s best food cities. And if you are hoping to visit a market that not only offers…

  • Tea plantation | Geragama, Sri Lanka

    Tea Time at the Geragama Tea Estate

    Ceylon. That name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You’ve probably seen the word Ceylon on your Twinnings tea box, your Bigelow tea box, or at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. You know…

  • Spaghetti a la Carbonara| Italy

    Eating Through Rome

    Rome is a place of culinary dreams. The bread is warm, crusty, and toastable. There is delicious wine in every bar and restaurant. And there is PASTA. Lots of PASTA. Some of…

  • Vegetable thali | Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Look out India, I’m a Lefty

    That’s right, I’m a lefty. And in a few weeks time, I’m heading to India. India, the land of right-handed everything. The land of ‘The Right Hand Rule.’ The Right Hand Rule…

  • Spaghetti pomodoro with arugula from Taverna dei Quaranta | Rome, Italy

    Eating Well Near the Colosseum

    Finding delicious, authentic, well-made food can be hard in touristy areas. I know this problem well as some of my past jobs that have had me hunting for a decent lunch in…

  • Purple artichokes at Campo de Fiori market | Rome, Italy

    Market Heaven in Rome: Campo de Fiori

    I could sense the excitement before I even turned the corner and headed into the square. People zipped around holding market bags filled with green, red, and purple surprises. Delivery men carried…

  • Moroccan olives from a cart in Djemaa El Fna | Marrakech, Morocco

    Eating Through Morocco

    Summing up Moroccan food in one word is easy: COMPLEX. While Moroccan dishes may seem as simple as meat and vegetables, the detail hides in the flavor. Layered mosaics of exotic spices…

  • Perfect espresso near the Ponte Sisto | Rome, Italy

    Photo Inspiration: Roman Coffee Break

    One of the things I love most about Rome is how the enjoyment of food and drink is so central to life. Yes, the food itself is a keystone in Italian and…

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    Essential New York: The Garrison

    When I first walked into The Garrison back in 2009, I instantly felt a connection. This small inn/golf course/farm/yoga studio is located in the town of Garrison, New York on a plot…

  • Lavendar and the old market | Montreal, Canada

    20 Hours in Montreal

    20 hours in a city like Montreal is nothing. It’s barely enough time for three meals in one of North America’s best food cities. But for this traveler on a whirlwind weekend…

  • Gallo Pinto with eggs and tortillas | Ometepe, Nicaragua

    Eating Through Nicaragua

    Nicaraguan cuisine is simple. Fresh food. Fresh ingredients. Homemade dishes with history. In our week stay in Nicaragua, we tried many local dishes that were super delicious, especially when made right. And…

  • Chili sauce at the Central Market | Granada, Nicaragua

    Granada’s Central Market

    Since I’m a market-aholic, my travels to Nicaragua would not have been complete without a trip to a market. While San Juan del Sur and Ometepe were amazing, they proved fruitless in…

  • Finca Magdalena coffee | Ometepe, Nicaragua

    Coffee Break at Finca Magdalena

    Ometepe is not dense with tourist attractions, but there are a few things on the island that are definitely worth seeing. Some are natural wonders like Ojo de Agua or Volcan Concepcion,…

  • Goat cheese salad | L'Express, Montreal, Canada

    Photo Inspiration: L’Express of Montreal

    This weekend, we headed up to Quebec for a little dose of Montreal and a little dose of mountain. With only a short 20 hours to explore the city before making our…

  • Shrimp and celery at Great NY Noodletown | Chinatown NYC

    Essential New York: One Night in Noodletown

    Chinatown in New York City is like a whole other metropolis unto itself. It has a different rhythm than the neighborhoods that surround it and offers scents that bring me right back…

  • Char siu bao Yank Sing | San Francisco

    Hometown Favorite: The Yank Sing

    Eating at the San Francisco famous Yank Sing restaurant was one of my first experiences with real Asian food. While family outings to American-style Chinese restaurants were first, they do not count…

  • Guacamole at Blanco Scottsdale, Arizona

    Notable Photos: Flavors of the Southwest

    As a California native, the flavors of the southwest and of Mexico are among my favorites. Toast is most certainly my #1 most beloved food, but the warmth of smoked chile, the…

  • Kofte, Meatballs | Goreme, Turkey

    Eating Through Turkey

    I didn’t realize how much I really enjoyed the food in Turkey until recently, when I walked into a Turkish restaurant in New York City for dinner. Bite by bite, it all…

  • Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo

    Taking It Slow in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the kind of city that makes you want to sit down at a small, dark cafe and take hours to drink a tiny cup of cafe-con-leche. I’ve been in…

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    Photo Inspiration: Pokhara, Nepal

    Fruit Juice Stand on the streets of Pokhara, Nepal. You can always smell the sharp citrus and sugary mangoes from down the street.  …

  • Roots at the farmers market

    Essential New York: Brooklyn Farmer’s Market

    One of my favorite things in the whole world is a morning visit to a farmers market. Mountains of fresh food all around – vibrant colors, sweet scents of flowers and greens,…

  • Carne Empanada, Argentina

    What to Eat When Not Eating Steak in Argentina

    When you think of food in Argentina, the first thing you probably think of is steak. This makes sense, as meat is one of the most important elements of the cuisine. It…

  • vineyards and mountains in central otago

    Wine Tour: New Zealand

    Aside from New Zealand being a dream travel destination for me, it was also a dream wine destination for me, a fairly serious wino. New Zealand has produced some of the world’s…

  • Soup Dumplings in Hong Kong

    Eating Through China

    China, depending on whether you are talking about the Mainland or the special economic zones, was an  interesting culinary destination for us. We knew before even getting there that regardless of what…

  • Pai Farmers Market Thailand

    Appreciating the Farmer’s Market

    Going to a farmer’s market in one of the highlights of my week in the summertime.  Farmer’s markets are not always easy to get to in NYC, even though they set them…

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    Eating Through Greece

    Greek cuisine has a little something for everyone. There’s plenty of vegetables, plenty of meats, plenty of dairy, and plenty of seafood. Depending on what you like to eat, you’ll find dishes…

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    Eating Through Southeast Asia

    For me, Southeast Asia was one culinary location I couldn’t wait to explore. Bring on the noodles, bring on the ginger, bring on the rice. For Matt, not so much. Since pretty…

  • Close up of a veggie samosa | Pokhara, Nepal

    Eating Through Nepal

    Nepal was a really great food destination for us. Not only is the local food pretty much all food-allergy-friendly, but there were many dishes to choose from. Regardless of where we were…

  • skydiving in Taupo, New Zealand

    Adventures in Travel?

    For months, Matt and I discussed where our first post-trip trip would be. We talked about taking advantage of our young legs and doing either Macchu Picchu or Kilimanjaro. We talked about…