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Photo Inspiration: L’Express of Montreal

This weekend, we headed up to Quebec for a little dose of Montreal and a little dose of mountain. With only a short 20 hours to explore the city before making our way into the Laurentides, I actually did some advance research on the most important part: where to eat.

For dinner, we indulged in modern Montreal cuisine. But for lunch, I wanted to spend time in a place that would sweep me away from the northeast of North America and plop me right into classical Paris. Where the baguettes are both crusty and chewy and the wine is somehow always delicious.

At L’Express on Rue Saint-Denis, I found myself at a perfect French bistro, where waiters float between tables delivering only the best in baguettes and Burgundies and butter is never a four letter word. Our meal under the dining room skylight was exactly what I wanted, without the need for a trans-atlantic flight.

Bon Appetit!

Goat cheese salad | L'Express, Montreal, Canada

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