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  • Eiffel Tower at night, from the Arc de Triomph | Paris, France

    Photo Inspiration: Paris at Night

    Even in the middle of a cold gray February, Paris comes alive at night. The bare branches of the city’s trees are dimmed, and the warm lights from inside the city’s cozy restaurants and…

  • Coco Reef beach | Bermuda

    Photo Inspiration: Elbow Beach, Bermuda

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get on a plane, being that there’s a new human on the TravelShus team. That all changed this weekend though, as three out of…

  • Looking into the misty mountains | Southern Iceland

    Photo Inspiration: Winter in Southern Iceland

    Leave it to me to think it’s a good idea to visit Iceland in the winter. Honestly though, it really was a good idea. Empty roads, lower prices, misty eerie landscapes. Like…

  • Canoeing home in the Backwaters | Kerala, India

    Photo Inspiration: Backwaters of Kerala

    I found this peaceful scene in the Backwaters of Kerala, India For someone like me who has not yet ventured into the chaos of northern India, exploring the bayou/everglades-like backwaters of Kerala…

  • Pensive elephant at Minneriya National Park | Sri Lanka

    Photo Inspiration: Sri Lankan Elephants

    Sri Lanka has always enchanted me from afar.  Between its lush tropical greenery, its strong Buddhist history, and its spicy colorful culture, there are so many reasons why traveling here was a…

  • Seltzer bottles at the San Telmo market | Buenos Aires, Argentin

    Photo Inspiration: San Telmo Market, Argentina

    Buenos Aires’ San Telmo Sunday Market, held every week in the open spaces and streets of the historic San Telmo neighborhood, has one of the most lively atmospheres in the city (a…

  • Neon lights | Miami, Florida-featured

    Photo Inspiration: Miami Beach, Florida

    I think the neon art deco lights of Miami are cool. Even after years and years of visiting Miami, I still look at these historic hotels lit up in blues and greens…

  • Golden hour fortress walls | Essaouira, Morocco

    Photo Inspiration: Essaouira, Morocco

    The seaside city of Essaouira is a complete departure from the constant hum of Marrakech. Wandering the medina can be lonely at times.  The soundtrack of the square is simply the crash…

  • Ominous clouds over Mitre Peak | Milford Sound, New Zealand

    Photo Inspiration: The Milford Sound

    The Milford Sound is an easy place to visit after completing the Routeburn Track. The Routeburn Track is one of New Zealand’s most famous tramps and leads lucky hikers through both Mt.…

  • Surf class along the Great Ocean Road | Victoria, Australia

    Photo Inspiration: Surfing on the Great Ocean Road

    Stopping at the small towns along the Great Ocean Road was one of my favorite parts of the ride. Between the charming storefronts, lighthouses, and beautiful coastline, there was so much to…

  • Perfect espresso near the Ponte Sisto | Rome, Italy

    Photo Inspiration: Roman Coffee Break

    One of the things I love most about Rome is how the enjoyment of food and drink is so central to life. Yes, the food itself is a keystone in Italian and…

  • Cruz Bay colorful building | St John, USVI

    Photo Inspiration: Cruz Bay, St John

    Aside from stunning beaches and laid back culture, the brilliant colors of the Caribbean and Central America are what keep me coming back. Guatemala and Nicaragua have their colonial cities, islands like…

  • Ffrozen Cayuga Lake | Ithaca, New York

    Photo Inspiration: Winter over Lake Cayuga

    This winter is relentless. Between early snowstorms in December and multiple polar vortexes, (is that the plural of vortex? or is it vortices? vortexi?!?) the northeast has been one enormous commercial grade…

  • Peek over Banff from the top of the gondola | Alberta, Canada

    Photo Inspiration: Banff, Canada

    This summer was my first trip to the Canadian Rockies. I grew up near the Sierra Nevadas, I’ve snowboarded in the US Rockies and the Andes. I’ve trekked through the Himalayas. But…

  • Beach at the Aruba Marriott - paddleboards on Palm Beach

    Photo Inspiration: Aruba’s Split Personality

    The white sand of Palm Beach on the island of Aruba is the quintessential Caribbean. Warm breezes, gentle surf, bright blue sky, and turquoise water: these were exactly what I had expected…

  • Dyed threads drying | Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Photo Inspiration: Colors of Nepal

    Nepal was one of the most challenging yet amazing countries I’ve ever visited. It taught me a lot of hard lessons about travel, about poverty, and about my own situation in life.…

  • Little Tree Orchard cider sign | Ithaca, New York

    Photo Inspiration: Autumn in Ithaca

    One of the things I love most about living on the east coast is being surrounded in beautiful fiery-toned leaves come October. I am always so sad about the end of summer…

  • Camels and Rocks | Cappadocia, Turkey

    Photo Inspiration: Camels in Cappadocia

    It’s been almost one year since we returned from Turkey and I’m still missing it. I felt something amazing during our time in Istanbul, and I fell in love with the whimsical…

  • Pensive monkey in the forest | Ubud, Bali Indonesia

    Photo Inspiration: Ubud Monkey Forest

    THIS place is why I am now afraid of monkeys. The monkeys here have been trained through repetition to know that humans will feed them if they gather in one particular place…

  • Goat cheese salad | L'Express, Montreal, Canada

    Photo Inspiration: L’Express of Montreal

    This weekend, we headed up to Quebec for a little dose of Montreal and a little dose of mountain. With only a short 20 hours to explore the city before making our…

  • Sunset windmills Mykonos, Greece

    Photo Inspiration: Mykonos, Greece

    One of the first things we did when we arrived on the Greek island of Mykonos was find a cozy spot for sunset. Sunsets in the Aegean are always spectacular, no matter…

  • Moon over the San Francisco Bay | California

    Photo Inspiration: The San Francisco Bay

    I often forget how lucky am I to have grown up in such a naturally beautiful location as the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent 18 years in Northern California, and now…

  • Early sunset | Mayan Riviera, Mexico

    Photo Inspiration: Mexican Sunset

    It’s the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and I couldn’t be happier. It’s park weather, it’s beach weather, it’s music festival weather. I love summer. I started off my…

  • Raindrops on papaya leaves | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    Photo Inspiration: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    I found these enormous papaya leaves in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. In the first light of morning after an intense thunderstorm, they look as if they are bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.…

  • Colorful Rickshaws in wait | Macau

    Photo Inspiration: Rickshaws in Macau

    It isn’t hard to find things to photograph in Macau – almost every street has something notable to capture. If it’s not something glitzy like the marquee of the Casino Lisboa, i’ts…

  • Sleeping mallard | Naperville, Illinois

    Photo Inspiration: Sleeping Mallard in Naperville

    This sleeping duck’s shimmering feathers caught my eye along the river walk in Naperville, Illinois. I thought it would be the most beautiful thing I saw all day. Then we went to…

  • Sled dog takes a break | Winter Park, Colorado

    Photo Inspiration: Winter Park, CO

    I’m doing it again. Posting from the road. But it’s my birthday today and I’ve had a good day. It started with a big breakfast, then involved a mixture of dog sledding,…

  • Unroasted coffee beans at Finca Rosa Blanca | Costa Rica

    Photo Inspiration: Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

    It’s rare I actually post on this blog from the places I travel to. It’s not because I’ve been choosing to travel in shorter spurts, but because I’ve put a focus on…

  • Nuruosmaniye Mosque | Istanbul, Turkey

    Photo Inspiration: Nuruosmaniye Mosque

    One night in Istanbul, Matt and I visited the Çemberlitas Hamam. It was both a relaxing and off-putting experience, but the hot steam and warm tubs were a nice change from the…