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Photo Inspiration: The San Francisco Bay

I often forget how lucky am I to have grown up in such a naturally beautiful location as the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent 18 years in Northern California, and now I only get to visit once or twice a year. One of the things I love to do when I return is to revisit places I knew so well when I lived there. I often find that everything is more amazing than I gave it credit for.

Grizzly Peak is a road I drove countless times in high school – to visit friends, boyfriends, restaurants, UC Berkeley… I knew the view from this hillside curvy road was worth a quick stop, but I never indulged. There were far too many important places to be of course.

Now as an outsider, I appreciate viewpoints like this even more. Especially on a clear day. Thanks for stopping the car this time, Ellen!

Moon over the San Francisco Bay | CaliforniaView of the San Francisco Bay from Grizzly Peak | California



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