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Photo Inspiration: Aruba’s Split Personality

The white sand of Palm Beach on the island of Aruba is the quintessential Caribbean. Warm breezes, gentle surf, bright blue sky, and turquoise water: these were exactly what I had expected and what I wanted. And as an added bonus for me, it is ideal for a calm paddleboard jaunt.

This coast faces west and is calm and soothing in the very best way.

Beach at the Aruba Marriott - paddleboards on Palm Beach

And then after a peaceful day on the west coast, I hopped in a Jeep and went off-roading on the east coast – the windward coast.

It could not have been more different. Eroded outcrops, waves crashing violently on craggy rocks, tide pools disappearing with the undertow. Brambles and cacti replaced palm trees that are so common on the other side of the island. I had left the calm Caribbean and somehow found myself on the Pacific coast of California.

The island of Aruba seems to have a split personality. There is something interesting going on here. It’s not just palapas and sand.

Windward coastline by the Conchi natural pool | Aruba


  • Carmen
    December 30, 2013 at 10:07 am

    We’re in Dominica in the Caribbean for two months and have found it the same. The Caribbean Sea is extremely calm and beautiful and the Pacific on the other side is rough and violent – yet still beautiful in its own way.
    I like the variety :-)

    • Annie
      December 30, 2013 at 10:39 am

      well put. variety. it really does add a little something interesting. enjoy your time in dominica – sounds amazing!


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