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  • Florida

    Postcards from a Florida Keys Road Trip

    The Florida Keys couldn’t be set up more perfectly for a road trip than if I design them myself. The five major island groups are thinly stretched along Highway 1, starting at the…

  • Overlooking Vik | Iceland

    Vik is the Coolest Town in Iceland

    Vik is the coolest little town in Iceland. There’s not much to it, but I think that’s why I loved it so much. It sits on the southern tip of the island, wedged between…

  • Iceland

    Winter Road Trip in South Iceland

    After exploring Reykjavik and The Golden Circle, our winter Icelandic adventure took us south along Highway 1 on a road trip. Armed with maps, our trusty SADcars Subaru Forester, and some Sigur Ros…

  • Ice covered road | Golden Circle, Iceland

    Winter on The Golden Circle

    The Golden Circle is one the most popular activities in Iceland – and for good reason. This 300 kilometer driving loop starts and ends in Reykjavik and includes sights such as waterfalls, geysers,…

  • Lounging in Rockland

    Travel with a 38-Pound Dog

    Obviously, travel is an important part of my life. So it only makes sense that travel would be an important part of my dog’s life as well. Unfortunately, my 38-pound rescue pup…

  • Painted wagon | Mustafapasa Cappadocia, Turkey

    Road Tripping Cappadocia – Heading South

    When we arrived in Cappadocia, Turkey, the weather looked grim. We’d planned on hiking and spending time idling through the valleys, but it seemed that Mother Nature had other plans. Only one…

  • Roadside Pitstop in Thailand
    General Travel

    Road Trip!

    One of the best ways to get to know a country is to hop on local transportation and see where it takes you. Local buses and trains are more of a cultural…

  • Classic view of Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay | Australia

    Twenty Two Days of Australia

    Australia was supposed to be a focal point on our trip. Not only is travel there easy in terms of language and infrastructure, but Matt would be able to eat almost anything.…