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Essential New York: Lunar New Year

This past week, Lunar New Year has been celebrated heavily in New York City. There are typical parades and fireworks all over Chinatown, as well as little pockets of street celebrations, blessings, and offerings.

Last year, we unfortunately were not in an area of Asia where Lunar New Year was heavily celebrated. In addition, we were focused on volunteering at the time so new year celebrations weren’t in the cards. Since we missed celebrating the holiday in Asia, I really wanted to experience at least a taste of it this year.

I spent a little time in Chinatown on Saturday, taking photos and joining celebrations, almost like a traveler. I am missing Asia a lot these days, so it was a little bit of a relief to be surrounded by all the enchanting decorations and eastern traditions, if only for an hour. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

dragon puppet in NYC chinatown for lunar new year

durian for sale in NYC Chinatown

Couple on Chrystie St NYC

decorations for lunar new year in chinatown NYC

deliveries on Grand St NYC Chinatown

sign for s dumpling shop in Chinatown NYC

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