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  • Bodie on a snow day
    Dogs, Life

    Life with Bodie: 18 Months In

    It’s that time again! Its been six months since my last post about life with our rescue dog Cambodia (aka Bodie) and it’s time for an update on what we’ve learned about…

  • Scanning for squirrels in the yard | Brooklyn
    Dogs, Life

    Life with Bodie – One Year Later

    Somehow, it’s been a whole year since we adopted our pup, Cambodia. And the time went by nearly as quickly as our RTW trip. When I came home from that trip, I…

  • Butterfly | Brooklyn, New York
    Dogs, Life, New York

    The Summer of Brooklyn

    This was the summer of Brooklyn for me. With last year’s summer being the-summer-of-traveling-somewhere-different-every-frickin-weekend, I decided to give myself a break this year. I stayed in my borough and soaked in summer…

  • Curious Bodie on the couch arm
    Dogs, Life

    Life with Bodie – 6 Months In

    It’s been just over six months since we adopted our herding-hound mix Cambodia. She came to us as an eight-month-old pup after being found wandering the woods outside Greensboro, North Carolina. She…

  • Bodie upward headshot
    Cambodia, Dogs, Life

    A Dedication to Cambodia

    I’ve wanted to write this story for a really long time. I’m thrilled that the time has come. ** One of the most important countries we visited on The Trip was Cambodia.…