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The Summer of Brooklyn

This was the summer of Brooklyn for me. With last year’s summer being the-summer-of-traveling-somewhere-different-every-frickin-weekend, I decided to give myself a break this year. I stayed in my borough and soaked in summer in my hood, in my new backyard, and at the local farmer’s markets. Also, I really enjoy those famous sticky New York City evenings – especially with a puppy in tow.

Ice cream truck at Fort Greene Park | BrooklynOk, so I wasn’t home the whoooole time. I think I’m mentally unable to stay in one place longer than 4 weeks at a time without imploding. There were a few trips – to Nicaragua and Mexico, to California, to Quebec, and finally to Banff. I’m getting to these on TravelShus slowly, but this post is all about my beloved Brooklyn.

The days I spent wandering my borough this June, July, and August were some of the nicest days I’ve had in NYC in a while. Living amongst Brooklyn’s brownstones reminds me how nice it is to have a homebase that makes me smile for real. And the yard – it’s a sanctuary from the hectic-ness and everyday stress of city life…

With all of this extra Brooklyn time, I got to do a few things I’d really wanted to. I FINALLY got to try Juliana’s Pizza (this is the *real* Grimaldi’s for all you Brooklyn pizza lovers out there who still think that Grimaldi’s is the Grimaldi’s of yore. It’s just not, so don’t bother waiting in that line. Just go to Juliana’s and thank me later). I spent warm afternoons at Brooklyn Bridge Park and at the dog park along the Brooklyn Heights promenade. Sometimes – just sometimes – I’d cross the bridge and enjoy a sidewalk cafe or two in Manhattan with friends. I also got to grow things in my garden! Things! Pretty and delicious things! And I managed to keep them alive. In fact, they are still alive.

And Cambodia, my rescue pup, was obviously a big reason to enjoy time at home this summer since she’s too big to stuff under an airplane seat and I’m too nice to throw her into the baggage hull. We took a few short road trips and went on some nice hikes in New Jersey and New York.  One particular hike in the Palisades along the Hudson River is how we learned Bodie is no fan of waves, surf, or submerging herself in water in general.
Brooklyn summer through Instagram

Bridge view | Brooklyn, New York

Bodie and the Brooklyn Bridge

Brownstone lawn | Brooklyn, New York

look at that luscious lawn we grew.

Marigolds | Brooklyn, New York

Mint leaves | Brooklyn, New York

Butterfly | Brooklyn, New York

Watching squirrels | Brooklyn, New York

Bodie, on backyard duty. Must protect plants and lawn from evil squirrels.

Brownstone sunset reflection | Brooklyn, New York

Manhattan Skyline from the BQE | Brooklyn

Riding along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway has some amazing views of Manhattan too…


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