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  • Prayer wheel souvenirs | Kathmandu, Nepal

    Learning to Embrace Travel Challenges

    People often ask me to pick my favorite country to which I’ve traveled. I always say Indonesia. It’s the developing country where I felt most confident and at peace with traveling. It’s…

  • Dyed threads drying | Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Photo Inspiration: Colors of Nepal

    Nepal was one of the most challenging yet amazing countries I’ve ever visited. It taught me a lot of hard lessons about travel, about poverty, and about my own situation in life.…

  • Misty morning in Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Photo Inspiration: Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Bhaktapur, Nepal is a city shrouded in ancient culture and mystery. Be it the intricate Newari structures, the abundance of meaningful Hindu temples, or the spirituality of Bhaktapur’s residents, the city has…

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    Photo Inspiration: Pokhara, Nepal

    Fruit Juice Stand on the streets of Pokhara, Nepal. You can always smell the sharp citrus and sugary mangoes from down the street.  …

  • boudhanath grounds

    A Walk Around Kathmandu

    As we get closer to the warmer weather, I feel a natural pull to spend more time walking around Brooklyn on the weekends. The trees are just starting to turn green, the…

  • our team from himalayan glacier trekking at everest base camp nepal

    The Day We Reached Everest Base Camp

    It’s now been well over a year since we got back from our trek to Everest Base Camp. Since then we’ve done a lot of things and been a lot of places,…

  • Close up of a veggie samosa | Pokhara, Nepal

    Eating Through Nepal

    Nepal was a really great food destination for us. Not only is the local food pretty much all food-allergy-friendly, but there were many dishes to choose from. Regardless of where we were…

  • empty street in Bandipur, Nepal

    Reliving Bandipur

    There are very few places I’ve been to that have given me the feeling that modern life *really* does not exist or does not influence the daily way of life of the…