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  • Maroma Hotel - beach view | Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Mayan Bliss at the Maroma Resort

    There are a few hotels that I’ve visited that have made me want to throw out everything in my current apartment and start over with everything in the hotel instead. The hotel…

  • Tulum palm trees | Riviera Maya, Mexico

    6 Things To Do on the Mayan Riviera

    The Mayan Riviera is the kind of place where you could totally just pick out a chair and sit in it on the beach for like a week straight without moving. And…

  • Early sunset | Mayan Riviera, Mexico

    Photo Inspiration: Mexican Sunset

    It’s the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and I couldn’t be happier. It’s park weather, it’s beach weather, it’s music festival weather. I love summer. I started off my…

  • Neon water from the Tulum ruins | Mexico

    Photo Inspiration: Tulum, Mexico

    I’ve been thinking about Mexico a lot lately. It’s partly because we’ll be heading back to the Riviera Maya in a few months time, and it’s partly because the landscape is so…

  • Palms in the wind along the beach | Tulum, Mexico

    Appreciating a Tropical Getaway

    A good part about having a nine to five¬† job in a city is the excitement that builds once you’ve booked a tropical getaway. Whether its in the dead of an actual…