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Scenes from Marrakech

If you only see one place in Morocco, make it Marrakech.

Between the history, the colors, and the style, it is exactly what you’d hope for in a Moroccan experience. The chaos of the main square, Djemaa El Fna, and the exotic colorful souks is oddly enchanting. The fairytale-perfect pink architecture that has given the city its nickname – The Rose City – looks in person exactly how you picture it. The scent of spices in the air is intoxicating. The crash of drums accompanying meandering melodies in the square adds an exotic flair to a night out. All of these things make Marrakech a dream destination.

But beyond these unique experiences is everyday life – and this is where the intrigue of travel lies, at least for me.

The seemingly mundane details of the city are what give it it’s unique spirit. A man setting up his shop in the medina, a woman gathering produce at the market, a cat resting in the sun on a bench.  These images are burned into my memory just as much as those from the Saadian Tombs – maybe even more so. They revealed to me what Marrakech is about beyond the attractions.

Patisserie Marocaine | Marrakech, MoroccoRooftop birednest at El Badi Palace | Marrakech, MoroccoStreetside market stand in the medina | Marrakech, MoroccoAlley cat | Marrakech, MoroccoOrnate medina doorway | Marrakech, MoroccoParking lot action at El Badi Palace | Marrakech, MoroccoPotted plants and Emsemble Artisanal market | Marrakech, MoroccoMotorbike parking in the medina | Marrakech, Moroccomoroccan blue doors | Marrakech, MoroccoCat nap in square | Marrakech, MoroccoSetting up the fruit market | Marrakech, Morocco


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