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The Göreme Farmer’s Market

I am a such sucker for markets. So when a market appeared in the corner of my eye while waiting at a bus stop in Göreme, of course everything else was put on hold. I needed a quick market jaunt to peruse the piles of pomegranates and buckets of nuts and eggplants. It no longer mattered if the bus we had been waiting for patiently for 30 minutes came and went. I was on a mission for some produce and some mouthwatering photographs.

The pomegranates were the most impressive of the amazing spread of local fruits and vegetables. So enormous and so juicy – and so cheap! Here in NYC, pomegranates go for several dollars a piece, but in Göreme, the biggest juiciest one was merely 1 lira, which is just over 50 cents. My new pomegranate purchase was the source of much happiness a few days later at a hostel in Istanbul. A source which was shared amongst other travelers at a friendly breakfast table.

Goreme outdoor market, Cappadocia Turkey

Goreme farmers market tomatoes

Goreme farmers market - pears and figs

Amazing pomegranates for sale Goreme

Nuts and peppers at the Goreme market

More nuts at the Goreme farmers market

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