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Its been about 7 months, 8 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes since we landed in JFK at the end of our round the world trip. Since we’ve been home a lot has happened. I starting work in digital media again. Matt returned to work as well. We moved back to Brooklyn into a 1 bedroom apartment in a new area. We decorated said apartment. (which was totally my life raft for a while) We went to three of our closest friends’ weddings. We went on two large family vacations. We celebrated the holidays. Last but definitely not least, we’ve seen alot of good music. (one of the reasons why NYC is so hard to leave!). One thing that hasn’t happened though, is traveling. Or vacation. Or getting away for a non-wedding or large family event.

In some senses, being away for so long put an onus on us to be responsible once we got home. Having so much freedom for so long puts a societal pressure in your mind that you need to put your head down and be productive. Earn your keep. This pressure has caused us to lose a little focus on things that are important to us then and now. All in the name of responsibility. I don’t want to downplay the importance of being responsible for one’s self and one’s family. Because lets be honest here, you can’t travel without money. You cant make money without a job. Can’t get a job when you sit on the couch all day and watch Everyday Italian. Unless you win the lottery. Or something.

I am an itchy-footed person. Always have been. Always will be. Its the part of me that moved me across the country to Ithaca for college, to New York City after college, and has kept me on the road on weekends and whenever possible. The need to move, the need to feel like I’m  in transit is what keeps me moving through the times when I’m staying still. It doesnt have to be a physical change in location, but a forward trajectory. Towards something.

I’ve struggled a little bit in the months we’ve been home with this balance of responsibility and enjoyment. I long to be back on the road, and I totally torture myself with could’ve should’ve would’ve’s about The Trip and by reading other people’s travelblogs. Despite this, I am enjoying being back in NYC. Its nice to have a home-life with my husband, see our friends and family on a regular basis, and wear clothes other than whatever lived in my pack last year.

Its been way too easy to forget about all the things we decided we would do and wouldn’t do once we got home. Since now, as I spend most of my week in front of a computer in an office building, its harder to remember that I made the choice to be here. And I can easily make the choice not to be here whenever that time comes. And the rest of the time, we’ll do everything we said we would. Including laying on the couch watching Everyday Italian. Because I love it. Yes i do.

So, in honor of living what you love and keeping on the move, we are heading to Puerto Rico for a 3 day beach binge. Ive been to San Juan before – during college with 2 of my girlfriends. It was spring break but it was not a spring break. There were no test tube shots or dancing on tables. (That was Daytona Beach, the year before) There was, however, lots of beach time, rum, and arroz con pollo. This is the only photo from that trip that got scanned into digital format. Not great quality, but a surprisingly good shot coming from a disposable camera from 2002.

El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2002

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