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    Postcards from a Florida Keys Road Trip

    The Florida Keys couldn’t be set up more perfectly for a road trip than if I design them myself. The five major island groups are thinly stretched along Highway 1, starting at the…

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    Notable Photos: A Sanibel Island Sunrise

    If you only do one thing on Sanibel Island, make a point of seeing either the sunrise or the sunset. Everyday. If you stay on the north/west side of the island or up…

  • Neon lights | Miami, Florida-featured

    Photo Inspiration: Miami Beach, Florida

    I think the neon art deco lights of Miami are cool. Even after years and years of visiting Miami, I still look at these historic hotels lit up in blues and greens…

  • Pink crown of thorns | Florida

    Open Letter to Springtime

    Even though I’ve been taking full advantage of the winter this year with several snowboarding trips to Vermont, an upcoming snow trip to Colorado, and even snowboarding in Brooklyn, I’m tired of…

  • Patient gator at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands | Florida

    Photo Inspiration: Wakodahatchee Wetlands

    Gators freak me out. Not only do they look fake when they are real, but they just lie in the mud/water and wait for their prey to get into an unlucky position…

  • A Barrel of Butterbeer

    A Lesson in Fun from a Couple of Kids

    I’ve been traveling non-stop this summer. I don’t think I’ve had more than one weekend evening to spend out in New York City with friends in almost nine weeks. I’ve been all…

  • California Sunset

    Hiding from Winter in the South

    One thing always on a New Yorker’s mind during the winter months is getting away to better weather. We thought about it consistently even this year, which had only about 5 inches…