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  • Sunset silhouettes at the Aruba Marriott Resort and Casino

    A Caribbean Escape at the Aruba Marriott

    The skyline is palms and palapas. The view outside my room is of a turquoise sea with no finite end. My breakfast, while still toast of course because duh it’s me and…

  • Black and white windward coast | Aruba

    Scenes from Windward Aruba

    As I mentioned before, Aruba has a bit of a split personality. Like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or a Two Face from Batman. On one hand, you have calm tropical…

  • Wind and kite surfing on Palm Beach | Aruba

    Impressions of a New Country: Aruba

    As we came in for our final approach into the Oranjestad airport, I felt goosebumps crawl up my arms and legs. Not only was I thrilled to have broken free from the…

  • Beach at the Aruba Marriott - paddleboards on Palm Beach

    Photo Inspiration: Aruba’s Split Personality

    The white sand of Palm Beach on the island of Aruba is the quintessential Caribbean. Warm breezes, gentle surf, bright blue sky, and turquoise water: these were exactly what I had expected…