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  • Seltzer bottles at the San Telmo market | Buenos Aires, Argentin

    Photo Inspiration: San Telmo Market, Argentina

    Buenos Aires’ San Telmo Sunday Market, held every week in the open spaces and streets of the historic San Telmo neighborhood, has one of the most lively atmospheres in the city (a…

  • Giant flag at La Bombonera| Buenos Aires, Argentina

    La Bombonera

    (Written by Matt, the other half of the TravelShus crew) I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many sports events over the years with rabid fanbases. I’ve seen a couple, albeit not enough,…

  • Cerro Catedral after a snowstorm, Bariloche Argentina

    Photo Inspiration: Cerro Catedral, Argentina

    I know it’s not winter in South America, but it’s definitely winter in North America and snowboarding season has just officially started for me. Hooray/Thank God. When I look back at some…

  • Tigre market, Argentina

    Photo Inspiration: Tigre, Argentina

    Weekly Photo is back yall. This week we go to Argentina. This market on the edge of the Rio Plata was a scenic and popular place to browse for handmade baskets, fresh…

  • Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo

    Taking It Slow in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the kind of city that makes you want to sit down at a small, dark cafe and take hours to drink a tiny cup of cafe-con-leche. I’ve been in…

  • Carne Empanada, Argentina

    What to Eat When Not Eating Steak in Argentina

    When you think of food in Argentina, the first thing you probably think of is steak. This makes sense, as meat is one of the most important elements of the cuisine. It…

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    Wine Tour: Argentina

    Some people don’t know that I went to “wine school.” I put that in quotes as it was really hard sometimes to fully think of it as school. Yes there were final…

  • View from the cafe on top of Cerro Catedral Ski Resort Argentina

    Snowboards and St. Bernards.

    One of the most important things on our trip was to integrate the parts of our life that make us who we are with the new experiences we’d have on the road.…