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I’m entering a photo contest. I’ve got lots of stories to tell. Some are stories of people, some are stories of history, some are stories of food, nature, and details. Some of these stories are best told with a photo.

I chose the photo contest, which is honoring photos of summer.

Though I have heaps of good memories of summertime pool parties and backyard get togethers, my favorite photos of summer are from my travels to places where the summer warmth changes the entire feeling. For example, high mountain summers are so delicious as the greenness and soaring temperatures are only around for a few weeks. In the Himalayas, outdoor freedom is cherished during the few short weeks of summertime as the rest of the year, the cold is gripping and demands a whole other lifestyle. I also appreciate the beaches on the East Coast of the US, where the water never seems to be warm enough, but the summer sun somehow gives us confidence to bear the icy surf.

I’ve entered a photo I took in Cape Cod – one of the most popular east coast summer retreats. A place where even I can’t bear to put more than a toe into the water, though I’ll stroll down the sand in my bathing suit with no problem. I’d love to return in the winter or fall to photograph the windy coastline, empty of umbrellas but maybe specked with people in winter coats and boots. is giving away a summer travel packages worth $500 to 5 winners. Each package contain $300 flight vouchers and other fun summertime treats.

Check out the contest HERE, and you can see all the entries on their Facebook page HERE.

The photos with the most votes wins, so please vote for my photo of Cape Cod HERE!



  • Kim Max
    July 17, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    OOOOO! what a great contest, totes going to enter

  • Andi
    July 17, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Going to like you now!


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