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  • Sunset at the Chinese fishing nets | Fort Cochin, India

    Photo Essay: Kerala, India

      It’s been a decent amount of time since my short trip to Kerala, India, yet I remember each moment, each sweat bead, each flavor, and each sound so vividly. I could…

  • Wagon | Fort Kochi, India

    First Impressions of Kerala, India

    I’ve always wanted to travel to India, but I’ve been a little fearful of its intensity. I’ve had a love affair with Indian fabrics and the bright vivid colors, but inside I’ve…

  • Vegetable thali | Bhaktapur, Nepal
    India, Sri Lanka

    Look out India, I’m a Lefty

    That’s right, I’m a lefty. And in a few weeks time, I’m heading to India. India, the land of right-handed everything. The land of ‘The Right Hand Rule.’ The Right Hand Rule…