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    Guest Post: A Guide to Chatuchak Market, Thailand

    by Milda Ratkelyte Those who love a bit of bargain shopping will be in their element at Chatuchak market, which is held on the streets of Bangkok every weekend. Hard core shoppers…

  • Koh Lanta relaxation, Thailand

    Photo Inspiration: Koh Lanta, Thailand

    So, New York City is freakin cold in the winter. And yay – it’s winter now! I wonder what it is like during wintertime elsewhere. It’s not so cold in Koh Lanta,Thailand,…

  • Hundreds of buddhas at Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand

    The Temples of Thailand

    Not too dissimilar to my love affair with the Temples of Bali, I developed a love affair with the exotic beauty of Thai temples. The intricacy of the tiling and color coordination,…

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    Eating Through Southeast Asia

    For me, Southeast Asia was one culinary location I couldn’t wait to explore. Bring on the noodles, bring on the ginger, bring on the rice. For Matt, not so much. Since pretty…

  • road on koh jam island thailand

    An Alternate View of the Thai Islands.

    Looking back on the five weeks we spent in Thailand, it seems like we visited two separate countries.  The northern part of Thailand is rich with with mountainous terrain, jungles, cool weather,…