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  • Blue water landscape on the lakeside trail of Lake Moraine | Banff, Canada

    Road Tripping Banff: Lake Moraine

    Lake Moraine is like a mini Caribbean Sea in the middle of the mountains. The turquoise of the water is so turquoise and so bright, it nearly convinced me to throw on my…

  • Peek over Banff from the top of the gondola | Alberta, Canada

    Photo Inspiration: Banff, Canada

    This summer was my first trip to the Canadian Rockies. I grew up near the Sierra Nevadas, I’ve snowboarded in the US Rockies and the Andes. I’ve trekked through the Himalayas. But…

  • Sunset dock Auberge du Lac Morency | Quebec, Canada

    Summer in the Laurentian Mountains

    The mountains north of Montreal are an untapped resource. In the fall, the leaves weave quilts of fiery color. In the winter, a blanket of snow (read: ice) envelops the trees and…

  • Lavendar and the old market | Montreal, Canada

    20 Hours in Montreal

    20 hours in a city like Montreal is nothing. It’s barely enough time for three meals in one of North America’s best food cities. But for this traveler on a whirlwind weekend…

  • Far end of Lake Louise | Banff, Canada

    Banff is Beautiful!

    Though I’m still slowly writing through my amazing experiences in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Quebec, I just had to post some photos from this last weekend’s amazing trip to Banff National Park in…

  • Goat cheese salad | L'Express, Montreal, Canada

    Photo Inspiration: L’Express of Montreal

    This weekend, we headed up to Quebec for a little dose of Montreal and a little dose of mountain. With only a short 20 hours to explore the city before making our…

  • Grinell Glacier Montana

    Close Encounters: Glaciers

    by Adina Marguerite Pease My first glacial close encounter came on a Girl Scout trip to the Alaskan Inside Passage in 1996. It was in middle school, so I didn’t appreciate the…