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  • Gallo Pinto with eggs and tortillas | Ometepe, Nicaragua
    Food, Nicaragua

    Eating Through Nicaragua

    Nicaraguan cuisine is simple. Fresh food. Fresh ingredients. Homemade dishes with history. In our week stay in Nicaragua, we tried many local dishes that were super delicious, especially when made right. And…

  • Saddest puppy | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    A Walk Around San Juan del Sur

    A visit to this town wasn’t even in our original plan for Nicaragua. We’d heard of its lure for surfers and gap year travelers, but we were concerned there would be nothing…

  • quiet street | San Juan del Sur | Nicaragua

    First Impressions of Nicaragua

    As we locked the door to our guesthouse tightly behind us and headed off into Nicaragua for the first time, I had a good feeling. I felt that this Central American country,…