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  • Ta Prohm, amongst the trees | Angkor Wat-, Cambodia

    Photo Inspiration: Ta Prohm, Cambodia

    For some reason, Cambodia seems to be THE place many of my friends and family are going this year. I wish I could go back with them to see one more sunrise…

  • Bodie upward headshot

    A Dedication to Cambodia

    I’ve wanted to write this story for a really long time. I’m thrilled that the time has come. ** One of the most important countries we visited on The Trip was Cambodia.…

  • Biking along Lake Tonle Sap Cambodia

    Photo Inspiration: Tonle Sap, Cambodia

    This photo was taken from a boat ride along Lake Tonle Sap outside the village of Kampong Klang. Villagers biked along the shore with goods to sell, family members, and the day’s…

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    Notable Photos – Sunset at Angkor Wat

    During a visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, there are few a few things that every tourist seems to do. The first is a visit to the main temple of Angkor Wat…

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    Eating Through Southeast Asia

    For me, Southeast Asia was one culinary location I couldn’t wait to explore. Bring on the noodles, bring on the ginger, bring on the rice. For Matt, not so much. Since pretty…