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  • Rooftops | Ravello, Italy

    One Day in Ravello

    I had never heard of the town of Ravello before my trip to the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento was on my radar as I had traveled there with my family as a 14…

  • Golden wash on the cliffs | Amalfi, Italy

    The Light in Amalfi

    Amalfi was not my favorite town on the Amalfi Coast. Despite having been the most important port in the region for centuries, and despite it being the one of the most popular…

  • Bougainvillea and vines | Positano, Italy

    Colorful Positano

    Positano is one of the most colorful places I’ve ever seen. One of the things I loved most about Rome was its colors. The signature peaches and pinks of the plaster walls…

  • View down the coast | Amalfi, Italy

    Why I Loved the Amalfi Coast

    In every direction I looked, I saw blue. Blue-tinted cliffs disappeared along the hazy horizon. The steel-blue sky was cloudless and the sea was a deep shade of navy, though it glittered…

  • Autumn leaves and a bicycle in Trastevere | Rome, Italybicycle-autumn-leaves-tratevere-rome-italy

    Scenes from Trastevere, Rome

    I loved Rome. It’s that simple. Between Trastevere, the market and the sights and the food, I fell hard for this intoxicating city. The walls of every building are filled with stories.…

  • People at the Roman Forum | Rome, Italy

    Walking Tour of Rome

    Rome is a perfect city for walking. Nearly every street is picturesque and around every corner is a surprise… an unknown fountain, a local square, a cafe that begs you to order…

  • Spaghetti pomodoro with arugula from Taverna dei Quaranta | Rome, Italy
    Food, Italy

    Eating Well Near the Colosseum

    Finding delicious, authentic, well-made food can be hard in touristy areas. I know this problem well as some of my past jobs that have had me hunting for a decent lunch in…

  • Clothesline in Trastavere | Rome, Italy

    Travel Repeat: Italy

    Like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t often repeat-visit countries. There are so many unique places on this amazing planet – I want to experience as many as possible. But there are a…

  • Chili sauce at the Central Market | Granada, Nicaragua
    Food, Markets, Nicaragua

    Granada’s Central Market

    Since I’m a market-aholic, my travels to Nicaragua would not have been complete without a trip to a market. While San Juan del Sur and Ometepe were amazing, they proved fruitless in…

  • Concepcion view at Finca del Sol | Ometepe, Nicaragua

    Scenes from Ometepe

    Ometepe blew me away. I went into our short time on the island with no idea what to expect and came out of it with a whole lotta love. I could go…

  • White faced monkeys in a tree | Ometepe, Nicaragua
    Dogs, Nicaragua

    A Nicaraguan Safari on Ometepe

    I’ve never been on a safari. It’s just not currently on my list of must-do travel things. However, I know that at some point in life, I may want to experience this.…

  • Finca Magdalena coffee | Ometepe, Nicaragua

    Coffee Break at Finca Magdalena

    Ometepe is not dense with tourist attractions, but there are a few things on the island that are definitely worth seeing. Some are natural wonders like Ojo de Agua or Volcan Concepcion,…

  • Arriving ferry | Ometepe, Nicaragua

    Getting Lucky on the Ometepe Ferry

    Before coming to Nicaragua, I heard a lot of horror stories about the ferry ride from the mainland to the island of Ometepe. Stormy skies, stomach-wrenching waves, unnerving movement, dinky boats.  All…

  • Saddest puppy | San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    A Walk Around San Juan del Sur

    A visit to this town wasn’t even in our original plan for Nicaragua. We’d heard of its lure for surfers and gap year travelers, but we were concerned there would be nothing…

  • quiet street | San Juan del Sur | Nicaragua

    First Impressions of Nicaragua

    As we locked the door to our guesthouse tightly behind us and headed off into Nicaragua for the first time, I had a good feeling. I felt that this Central American country,…

  • Giant flag at La Bombonera| Buenos Aires, Argentina

    La Bombonera

    (Written by Matt, the other half of the TravelShus crew) I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many sports events over the years with rabid fanbases. I’ve seen a couple, albeit not enough,…

  • Kuo Spa front sign | Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Becoming a Spa Traveler

    I’ve never been the kind of person to go to a spa while traveling. Honestly, I’m not even the kind of person to go to a spa when I’m at home. Perhaps…

  • Beach day | Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (1)
    Costa Rica

    Travel Repeat: Costa Rica

    Sometimes, no matter how many countries there are in the world left to visit, there is nothing like returning to a destination you love. Maybe it’s because a specific place has meaning,…