About TravelShus

Hi world. This is Annie. Welcome and thank you so much being here. A little background on what I’m doing with this site.

I launched TravelShus in 2011 as a personal travel blog and a way to process my travel experiences. I had just returned home from a year long round-the-world honeymoon trip and needed a place to sort out all the things I learned and experienced. Over the last five years of writing, this site has grown from a personal journal into an online destination that aims to inspire people to travel, travel independently, and travel often. As I travel frequently in the off season, I’ve made sure to include plenty of information, tips, resources, and stories about off season travel. I am currently working on building out this content even more so that TravelShus can be a resource for other travelers interested in off season travel experiences.

My homebase is currently Brooklyn, New York and I enjoy working in the digital media industry here. I am not a digital nomad, so I travel on the weekends or during my vacation time. (Trust me – you don’t need to be a digital nomad to have local travel experiences or go to far away places. It’s easy if it’s a priority.)

**And in case you were wondering, The “Shus”  in TravelShus is pronounced like “shoes.” It’s a riff on my last name.**

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