Annie of Travelshus at El Badii Palace | Marrakech, Morocco

About Annie

A little bit about me…

I’m originally from Northern California, I lived in Brooklyn for 13 years, and I currently call Austin, Texas my homebase. I travel, I write, I take photos, I make digital things, and have a strange obsession with toast. I wear a scarf everyday. (Except in the hottest of the Texas heat. It’s like one big campfire in the summer down here.) I studied Chemistry in college, interned in the R&D division of Intel for 4 years, and I was a professional ringtone maker when I first moved to New York City in 2003. I got an Advanced WSET sommelier degree just for fun. And by now I’ve logged over a decade working in the digital space. But I’ve always been a traveler.

My love of travel started with family vacations, continued as I traveled alone in Spain as a 16 year old, and became a true addiction over the years I’ve been with my travel partner and husband, Matt. In 2010, Matt and I got married, quit our jobs, and headed out on The Trip: a year long Round-the-World honeymoon(Check out our route!) – before the days of smartphones, instagram, and influencers. Our travels took us through 15 countries where we moved slow, rented apartments, visited friends, and pushed ourselves beyond our comfort zones. It changed everything.

We returned to Brooklyn with open minds and a commitment to keep travel and balance high on our priority lists – regardless of the stress of our jobs, dogs, kids, and whatever else life may throw at us. And that’s when I started taking this writing and photography thing more seriously.

In 2012, we welcomed our adorable yet neurotic dog Cambodia to the TravelShus pack, thanks to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. And in 2015, we first became a pack of four and 3 years later a pack of five when we welcomed our son BabyShus and daughter LittleShus. So far all of them also love to travel – it’s just too bad they don’t make dog passports.


Aside from writing here at TravelShus, I’ve contributed to other publications including American Way, Bravo, Lonely Planet, Shermans Travel, Cape Air Bird’s Eye View, Asia Rooms, Travelers Joy, and Bootsnall.

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